My Latest Invention!

Introducing my latest invention for the baby who needs everything; The “Burpybib”! Ok, I’ll come up with a better name someday. This amazing invention emerged when I was looking for a baby gift for my daughter when she was expecting. Well, actually, ALL my daughters were expecting at the same time!! Yes, there is something in the water because all 4 daughters were due within 3 months of each other (Yeah, me!!) Now I have 3 beautiful grandaughters and one handsome grandson all just turning 3. How time flies! Oh, I digress. Back to my invention. As I was saying, I was looking for a baby gift or two, three and four, and I couldn’t imagine the costs people go thru in planning for a baby. Prices are through the roof and so I wondered what would happen if you could combine them? Aha!! The first invention! I know, “Burpybib” sounds weird but it describes exactly what it is. A burp cloth and a bib all in one! Ta da!! It starts out as a reversible burp cloth with contouring to fit not just perfect on your shoulder but, to fit around your neck curves, too. The neck curve has a flexible band that fits right up against your neck so if your baby should urp up or spit up it doesn’t end up down your shirt as I have discovered is most unpleasant! Blech! Next, as baby grows the “Burpybib” becomes a bib that’s not just a bib. This bib wraps 360° around the baby’s front, arms and back. Now most bibs are made to cover the front of a baby. Now, mom’s and dad’s, how many of you have fed a baby? Did the food really just hit the front of them? Are you kidding? The food flies everywhere! Down the front, up and down the arms, over the back and in their hair! Now, I’m sorry I couldn’t invent a massive rain coat that covered everything from head to toe and extended over the high chair and then draped the feeder 360°, too. Not practical. So, I did the next best thing and covered your baby. The “Burpybib” is designed to wrap around your baby, snap in the back for easy on and off and has curves built in to ease around their little arms and give them freedom to wave their arms, too. Your baby is covered and their clothes are kept clean (sorry, but I can’t cover you, too you’re on your own there). To sum it all up the “Burpybib” is really all you need to cover the bases in feeding your baby without getting messy. A burp cloth and a bib all in one. I have any color combination you can think of or I can make some special order at no extra cost! Allow me to answer your next question: How do I get some “Burpybibs”? At my new Etsy shop These are the best invention to get for your baby or to give as a gift. Can I ask a favor? Could you leave a comment below and give me your opinion of my invention? Better yet, go check out all the varieties in my store to choose from. Who knows, you might discover there’s other super inventions and designs for your baby!! Have a great day and spread the word: The “Burpybib” is here!!

Note: (The "Burpybib" pattern is not for sale and is patented)

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