Crochet Makes Me Say AAAHHH!!


I LOOOOOVE little babies and their tiny, tiny little tootsies! I remember when my first daughter was born, I was overdue by a month, I was so excited when they brought her to me because I hadn’t been able to hold her after she was born because they whisked her away to check if she was alright. When she was born they laid her on my chest and needless to say we were all very surprised to see her raise up on her arms and look directly into my face as if to say, “Mom, what the heck just happened?” They thought she may be in distress so away she went. She was just fine and when I finally got to hold her I hurriedly unwrapped her to see if she had all her fingers and toes. Those tootsies!! I just sat there giggling as I held her little foot in my hand as I marveled how small her little toes were. How was I going to find something small enough to cover her little feet? Yes, it was shopping time! No, it was impossible! I couldn’t find a single shoe that small so I decided I’d make her some. NOT!!! 33 years ago I didn’t have the knowledge nor the patients to crochet let alone knit a pair of booties. Why? My mom made it look so easy as she’d crochet a million miles an hour and could pop out a pair of booties in an hour or less. She tried to teach me but my attention span was all of 5 seconds and my mind switched to something new like a lizard in the yard. Sheesh!

Eventually, now that my attention span has grown to atleast 20 seconds, I wanted to relearn how to crochet because I wanted to add items to my new shop So, I found my crochet needles I had hidden in my “Memories” box and went about ‘crocheting’. Have you ever just decided to do something only to realize you have no clue what you’re doing? ME!! But I know everything so I naturally know how to do everything, right? WRONG!! Alas, I knew nothing about needle sizes, yarn sizes, stitches and forget reading a crochet chart ‘cuz it’s not happening!

Thankfully there’s an app called Pintrest. Without this glorious ‘know everything and how to do it’ app I’d be clueless looking for my next easy project to appease my short attention span. I found everything I needed to know about crocheting just about anything. So, I set out to find all the cute baby things I could make and add to my shop or give away to my new grandbabies (hint, hint) and friends. But, I just get frustrated. I try to follow a pattern but what the pictures look like and what my work looks like are two totally different worlds!! Theirs look so neat and petite and mine looks like the Blob from the movies. AAAAHHHH!!! What the crud did I do wrong? So, I rip it all out and start over again but alas, the result is the same. How do I remedy this disaster? How do I make my work look like the pictures? This is what I’ve done so far… FAKE IT!!! Seriously, I make it up as I go along. Is this how real crocheters become so good at crocheting? I’ve learned a few terms like decrease and increase to help me make my work smaller or larger. OK, every time I try to follow a baby shoe pattern it always looks teeny in the pictures but according to the directions given the shoe always ends up big enough to fit a 4 year old. No matter how many times I follow the directions, even using smaller hooks and yarn than instructed, it turns out huge! So, I made up my own patterns so they’ll fit the sizes I need. But, then I have to figure out how to adjust the instructions to fit the sole I made. Talk about frustrating!! Eventually, after much trial and error I end up with a facsimile of the original pattern. Please, all the crocheters out there, please tell me if you have the same problems. Am I alone in this? Am I just a spaz?

Ive decided I’m going to be writing about my projects and the problems and the solutions in my posts from time to time. If you have experiences you’d like to share please comment and join me and we’ll figure out the solutions together.

So here’s the question of the day: Do you crocheters have the same problems and if so, how did you solve them?

Please comment below and tell me about your struggles and if you have any solutions to my spastic crocheting. I would love to hear from you.


Yesterday I made these cute little shoes. I made them up as I went along so now I need to write down my pattern to share with you. Next post I promise!!

I enjoy crocheting. They say it’s calming…rrriiiight?…uh huh.


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