Retro Babies!

I’m a new gramma! Today my 17th grandbaby girl arrived at 2:31am! At 7lb 8oz she’s beautiful and perfect! To celebrate her upcoming arrival I decided to create some new shoes to begin her new wardrobe for her little tootsies.

Her daddy has a shoe addiction. I thought Amelda Marcos had the corner on shoe collections but my son could give her a run for her money! So, to match his wild tennis shoes collection I created these hot pink and neon yellow tennis shoes to start off her new collection! I loved these so much I kept on creating! I love these little “denim” turn overs and how can you resist these little white cross strap ankle shoes with delicate little roses? I’m just getting started. What’s next? Check them out!!

I have an eye for anything retro especially shoes! I think 50’s Era little girl shoes are just adorable but, I can never find ones I like so I created my own collection of retro baby shoes. My first ones are designed to look like little Mary Jane’s with white socks. The perfect ‘all-in-one’ for skipping little tootsies! I was so inspired by these that I created another little Mary Jane shoe. Pink and black shoes with polka dot ribbons and buttons are made for a dance down at the malt shop in her poodle skirt. Now, every little girl should be dressed in ruffles! These dainty little white shoes with pink satin bows and pink polka dot buttons are just the thing to wear to Sunday school! I’m having too much fun and it never seems to end!

Now, as in my previous post I had my share of struggles. Have you ever been near the end of your project and then realized with great horror that you made a very noticeable mistake in the very beginning? This seems to be a theme for me. Those little tennis shoes gave me nightmares at first! I’d think I was done with one section but then, it wouldn’t match up with the other shoe! How many of you have that problem? I found a simple solution…duh. I wrote down what I was doing, counted all my stitches and then just copied what I did the first time. Seems simple right? Not when you think you have a photographic memory and you’re sure you remember what you did just 15 minutes ago right? NOT!! WRITE IT DOWN! You’ll find your work go easier and faster if you follow your own directions. No compromising just do it right the first time and the second one amazingly comes out the same. I’m stubborn so it took me a few trials and many, many errors.

Second frustration I encountered was designing. I get these ideas in my head and when I try to create it it never comes out the way it looked in my brain. The only way you can figure this out is by trial and error. If it doesn’t work, try something else. Did you do something you liked in a different design? Try doing that same thing in your new design then add more things as you go along. For instance, I do all my soles exactly the same. It doesn’t matter how the rest of the shoe will look I start with the same soles. This way I know at least I’ll have a good foundation to start with and yes the pun was intended.

My third realization is this, I love crocheting. No matter how frustrated I get there is nothing on this planet more relaxing to me than crocheting. I’ve done many, many hobbies in my life. People call me crafty, I just say I get bored easily. Either way find something you love and do it. Do It! When I see my bag of yarn and I pick up my crochet hook I may not have any clue what it is I’m going to do. But, as I start chaining I begin to get ideas that sometimes run by the hundreds of what to create. Create…that’s what we all need to do to be centered in our lives…just create. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do but never, ever sell yourself short. Everyone is creative and they just need to do what they love. Don’t know where to start? Read a book, take a class, look online, try Youtube, and whatever you do don’t give up on yourself. We are all creators, visual characters, doers and seekers. Find your niche and create!

Come join me and we’ll create together! I’ve got so many new projects and ideas and I’ll be sharing them here so come join me and we’ll explore our imaginations together!!